Jens Esser

Off-topic: Hylaia Chevrolat, 1836 (Endomychidae, handsome fungus beetles)

Besides the Cryptophagidae I discover the handsome fungus beetle of the genus Hylaia (Endomychidae).

Their distribution is restricted on an area from Southeastern Europe to Central Asia. Currently are 12 species described, most of them from Greece and neighbouring countries. 


rubricollis group: this group needs revision. At least four species belonging to this group (dalmatina, elongata, juttae, rubricollis), which is restricted to the Balkans from Croatia and Romania to Greece.

ambubaia group: currently three species of this group are described from the eastern parts of the greek mainland (Makedonia, Thessalia). Characterized by its elongate habitus and different form of the aedoeagi. Males bearing spurs on meso- and metatibae.

cardiophora group: this group contains one species from the Caspian Region (Elbrus). Slender and male with antennal segment IX enlarged.

podagrica group: this group also contains one species from the Caucasus and neighbouring Turkey.

reissi group: two species from northern Greece and southern Bulgaria with typical shapes of their aeodeagi and enlarged antennal segment IX.


Papers on Hylaia

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Gallery of aedoeagi of several Hylaia species